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Harrow kickboxing

Do I need to be reasonably fit before I start?
As long as you don’t suffer from any medical condition that prevents you from exercising, you may start at anytime. Kickboxing is a "cardio" based form of exercise and we aim to get you fit through regular training.

Do I need to start at a specific age?
The starting age for children is very much at the instructor's discretion. Adults can start at any age.

How many times a week do I need to train?
Some people simply train once a week. Most students train twice a week and others three to four times. We have classes in several locations and you may attend any or all of them, depending on your will and availability.

Are the instructors Insured and qualified?
All our kickboxing instructors are students who have progressed through the grading system, to Black belt. They are then invited to participate on our Instructor Training Program and, once they complete their training, they are allowed to start coaching.

What equipment will I need?
Your Kickboxing uniform will be provided to you, when you join the club. We pride ourselves in our safety record and as such, we recommend you wear at least, boxing gloves and shin/foot guards. Whilst you may start without the protective equipment, we strongly recommend you start wearing it as soon as possible. It will protect you, and others, and will seriously enhance your training.  As we usually say, “You can’t play tennis without the racket”. Only recommended equipment is to be used in class. You may purchase it from us, or from another source, provided it is the recommended brand/item..

Do I have to spar?
You won’t be required to spar. Sparring is optional, “Light Continuous” and carried out under strict supervision. Students are not allowed to spar until the instructor feels they have sufficient technical knowledge and are mentally ready to start.

What are your classes fees?
Our class fees are extremely reasonable. We work on a monthly club membership basis which includes any number of classes you might wish to take. Please contact the Instructor/club of your choice for further details.

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